Plugin inspections and reviews

WPBruiser {no- Captcha anti-Spam}

WPBruiser (formerly GoodBye Captcha) is an anti-spam and security plugin based on algorithms that identify spam bots without any annoying and hard to read captcha images.

3.1.43 - Potentially unsafe

Download Manager

WordPress Download Manager is a Files / Documents Management Plugin to manage, track and control file downloads from your WordPress Site. Use Passwords, User Roles to control access to your files, control downloads by speed or by putting a limit on download count per user, block bots or unwanted users or spammers using Captcha Lock or IP Block feature, you may also ask users to agree with your terms and conditions before they download.

3.2.69 - Use with caution

ACF: Better Search

This plugin adds to default WordPress search engine the ability to search by content from selected fields of Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

4.1.0 - No issues found

Mouseflow for WordPress

With Mouseflow for WordPress you can access everything Mouseflow has to offer – directly from your WordPress dashboard! Learn more about your visitors by viewing recordings of whole user sessions including mouse movements, clicks, scroll events and key strokes. The plugin makes it quick and easy to install the Mouseflow-tracking code on your WordPress-site.

5.1.2 - Use with caution

Peter’s Login Redirect

Define a set of redirect rules for specific users, users with specific roles, users with specific capabilities, and a blanket rule for all other users. Also, set a redirect URL for post-registration. This is all managed in Settings > Login/logout redirects.

2.9.9 - No issues found

Easy Username Updater

Easy Username updater is a plugin which allows administrators to change usernames on their site. It provide list of users with their email address,username and role. It changes display name as well.

1.0.5 - No issues found

Automatic Alternative Text

Automatic Alternative Text makes accessible images easy and fast by automatically generating alt text for images with Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Computer Vision API.

1.1.4 - No issues found