Terms of service

We are The Dextrous Web Ltd, trading as dxw. We are a limited company registered in England & Wales, no. 6617101, at8-9 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU.

  1. We operate this website, where we publish information about plugin security problems and vulnerabilities, and about our WordPress assurance services in general. By using this website you agree to these terms.
  2. Our recommendations record actual or potential vulnerabilities that we believe have found. We do not carry out an exhaustive search. There may be problems that our testing has not uncovered. You should therefore not rely on our assessment but use your own judgment as to whether a plugin is appropriate. We hope that our assessments will help you in that process.
  3. Accordingly, we make absolutely no guarantees. If we are wrong in our assessment you accept that you are not able to sue us for that reason.
  4. If you object to any of our assessments, for example if you are a maintainer on a project about which we’ve published some information, please contact us at contact@dxw.com giving full particulars of your objection and we will try to consider your objections within a reasonable time. We do not guarantee to change or remove anything merely on request.
  5. All other services we may offer are covered by their own terms.
  6. Any information we may provide to you (whether by email or otherwise) that we have not made available to the public is, unless otherwise stated, given to you in confidence. Any such information is provided at our absolute discretion. The fact we have given information on one occasion does not mean that we will on others.

In addition to this document, you may wish to read our disclosure policy, and our documentation for plugin inspections and reviews.