Plugin inspections and reviews

Post Type Switcher

A simple way to change a post's type in WordPress

1.2 - No issues found

Subscribe to Comments

Subscribe to Comments allows commenters on an entry to subscribe to e-mail notifications for subsequent comments.

2.1.2 - Use with caution

WordPress Importer

Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags and more from a WordPress export file.

0.6.1 - No issues found

WP HTML Sitemap

Add a WordPress HTML sitemap that is fully customizable to improve your website SEO and enable easy navigation for your users.

1.2 - Potentially unsafe

BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

Allows group members to receive email notifications for group activity and forum posts instantly or as daily digest or weekly summary.

3.4 - No issues found


A simple widget that shows your recent tweets with fully customizable HTML output and Twitter API 1.1 support.

3.1 - Potentially unsafe

Citizen Space

A plugin to talk to Citizen Space via its API.

1.1 - No issues found

ThreeWP Broadcast

Network plugin for PHP v5.4 to broadcast posts to other blogs. Custom post types, custom taxonomies, post meta and attachments are supported.

1.20 - Use with caution

Advanced Custom Fields: Options Page

The “options page” addon creates a new menu item called “Options” which can hold advanced custom field groups (just like any other edit page). You can also register multiple options pages (view tutorial).

1.0.1 - No issues found