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Use with caution

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Confidence: Medium
This plugin has been given a short, targeted code review.

Before using this plugin, you should carefully consider these findings. Read more about this recommendation.


This recommendation applies to version 4.4.4 of this plugin, but the most recent version is 4.6.1. These findings may no longer be correct.


This is a fairly large code base ( 48850 lines across 590 files) so is difficult to fully review. While the code is generally well written and methods are commented, additional head comments explaining the purpose of each file/class would be helpful to reviewers. No issues were found from a basic inspection of the code.


Reason for the 'Use with caution' result

The plugin has been given this recommendation at the tester's discretion:

The plugin is rated ‘use with caution’ due to the large and complex structure of the code base that is difficult to fully review.

Failure criteria

  • Very large codebase

Read more about our failure criteria.